and… WE’RE BACK!

I feel like a bad blogger.

I made it sound casual in the headline, like we just got back, but reality is that we have been back now for about 8 weeks. 8 weeks. Where did that go?!

I’ve had “The Picnic Press” guilt this entire time, adding it to my to-do list each week. Then a week turned into a month and a month turned into two. And then I noticed I was procrastinating simply because it’s been two months, and that’s a really long time in blog time (not counting our trip), and I felt bad.

So, I figured the best approach is to end the guilt now and to just post something to get back on track, in the hope that you’ll forgive us and be happy that we’re back. We missed you!

Everyone told me that planning a wedding is stressful and there is so much to do. I’ll be honest in that I (silently) laughed that off thinking perhaps a little too smugly, “When I get married, I’ll be a cool bride”. But I eat my thoughts. There is so much to do!

My Saturdays have been booked up with bridal appointments. My Instagram feed is full of wedding stuff too extravagant to DIY. I have secret Pinterest boards (and non-secret Pinterest boards to throw people off). I’m into wedding blogs and google wedding stuff. I read hand-me-down bridal magazines because I can’t believe how expensive they are to buy. Or how expensive anything is when you put “wedding” in front of it.

But I can’t really say that all of this is a chore, except for the fact that I miss The Picnic Press and simple weekends with good food, the sun, our picnic blanket and nowhere to be. This temporary wedding diversion is still incredibly exciting however, even for someone who has never really fantasised too much about wedding dresses, colour themes or table settings. It’s also been lovely to share special moments with our friends and family who are happy about our engagement news and excited for our wedding.

But one thing we are incredibly grateful for was Mark’s impeccable timing, proposing just before our holiday which meant that we had the perfect opportunity to escape, put planning on hold, and just enjoy being engaged. To live in the moment. And, the perfect thing about travelling is that every day feels so rich and so memorable because there are no habits, no routines and it’s all new. The moments feel fuller.

We had many, many incredible moments on our trip overseas in the beautiful places we visited: Rome, Positano, Capri, Ravello, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Vodice, Zadar, Zagreb, Vienna, Prague and Berlin. I took lots of notes, Mark took so many amazing photos and we ate really (really) well!

I’ve catalogued a few of our moments in picture form below – a bit of a ‘teaser’, if you will – and am working on The Picnic Press tips and recommendations for our  overseas picnic adventures, which will be coming soon to the blog (I promise).



























Fellow bloggers who are reading this, I’d love to hear from you. What are your tips for getting back in the groove after a break?


P.S If you love Mark’s photos, check out his other work at Mark Jay Photography and on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “and… WE’RE BACK!

  1. Don’t stress! we’re still here. Your photos look amazing! I am SO jealous and hungry and hope you had an amazing time. Re: wedding madness, I am not engaged but I have this idea (like innocent you) that I’ll be a ‘cool chilled’ bride. (I already have a secret pinterest board haha) Bec x

    • Thanks Bec! Glad you are still here and like the pics. We did have an incredible time! Ah, you’re already one step ahead with the secret Pinterest board, I didn’t know about secret boards until I became a bride to be! And yes, good luck with the whole chilled out bride thing – if you manage to master it someday, make sure you let everyone know how 😉

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